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About Us

My Love for Alpacas began in 2010. I got a few from different farms and started raising these curious and fascinating animals!!


In the past 11 years, I have enjoyed having them so much, that in 2021 I decided to go to an Alpaca Show in California to learn more. I just recently acquired some more Alpacas with incredible bloodlines!!


It has been an exciting adventure and looking forward to adorable crias being born this year, here at Amare' Alpacas!!!


Also, in 2021, I decided to open an Alpaca Farm Store, Lesage Studio!!


Lesage Studio carries a variety of handmade items made from Alpaca fiber, both local, American grown, as well as Beautiful ethically produced pieces made by artisans in Peru.


Alpaca is one of the softest textiles in the world and Alpaca products make wonderful gifts. The fiber is hypoallergenic  and softer than cashmere  and the animals themselves,  have a very low ecological impact on the environment. 


Starting Summer of 2022, I will be offering Farm tours for groups. Call the office for availability and reservations. 307-677-1434

- Doreen

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